Friday, January 27, 2012

Age, sometimes more than just a number

My mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when she was only 38. It was only a month or so after Braxton was born and I remember thinking she looked too young to be a "Granny," her choice of name. When something like cancer hits you, it hits you hard, both physical and emotional. A year later after my wedding I looked at the wedding pics. My mom looked so beautiful, super short hair and all. But, even as beautiful as she looked the effects of the past year had aged her. Luckily for her she still looked young but the face of the woman in those wedding pictures was a face of a woman that had overcome hardship, pain, and grief. Things that didn't maker her look worse but stronger, more beautiful to me.

I guess when your going through hardship you don't realize the toll your body takes on. No, I didn't have an illness but I do believe this past year has definitely aged me. As I look at pictures from a year ago I see a youthful face. I know I still look young but I think I do look different. Not necessarily older, maybe just stronger. Below is a picture from January 2011
and next to that is a picture from late last year. Am I crazy or is there really a difference?

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